Materi Bahasa Inggris : Asking for and Giving Opinions

Asking for and Giving Opinions - Asking and givinng opinions adalah suatu unngkapan yang digunakan untuk meminta ataupun memberi respon untuk suatu pendapat. Untuk meminta atau memberi suatu pendapat, gunakan ungkapan-ungkapan berikut ini

A.Ungkapan meminta pendapat
- What about….?
- What is your opinion….?
- What are you think about….?
- Do you have any ideas?
- What do you think of/about….?
- What is your view….?
- What would you say about….?
- Have you got any comments on….

B.Ungkapan memberi pendapat
- I think….
- In my opinion….
- We had better….
- I personally think that….
- I think it`s very nice
- In my view….
- I must say that….

Contoh Soal dan Pembahasan Asking for and Giving Opinions

1.Boy: I unintentionally heard you playing the piano
Girl: What do you say about that?
Boy: You played it very beautifully. Do you practise it every day ?
Girl: I do

Narrator  : What can we coclude from the dialogue?
A.The girl is a famous musician
B.The girl did a music performance
C.Playing the oiano is the girl`s hobby
D.The boy practises music every day
E.The boy is fond of playing a musical instrument
Jawaban : C

2.Woman : There are many second-hand cars in this dealer. Which one would you like to buy?
Man  : Um…this car. What do you think?
Woman : …..

Narrator: What is the best response to the man`s guestion?
A.You may drive this car
B.Sorry, I don`t like it`s colour
C.I will give you the key of this car
D.Let`s see the other cars over there
E.I don`t know
Jawaban : B

3.Boy : There will be a new extracurricular activity.
Girl : What`s that?
Boy : It is a robotics design. What do you think?
Girl : …..

Narrator   : What is the best response for the boy`s guestion?
A.I believe that student can design  excellent robots
B.I assume extracurricular activities are import for students
C.I like joining extracurricular activities, especially robotics design
D.I think it can improve the student`s knowledge in desigininng robots
E.I don`t like extracurricullar robots
Jawaban : D

4.Dirk  : Can you give me an opinion about my sculpture?
Jake  : Sure thing! I think you should have had fixed the hand
Dirk   : Thank, Jake
Jake   : No problem!

From the dialogue above, Dirk is…..
A.Asking for help
B.Giving help
C.Giving opinion
D.Asking for an opinion
E.Asking for future
Jawaban : D

5.Bowo  : I feel tired and I feel dizzy
Sri   : I think …. Don`t leave the bed if it is not necessary

Narrator    : What is the best complete the dialogue ?
A.You must sing
B.You should lie down and have some rest
C.You can see the doctor to night
D.I will take you to the hospital
E.I must take some rest, too
Jawaban : B

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