Materi Dan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMA Criticizing atau Mengkritik

Materi Dan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMA Criticizing atau Mengkritik - Untuk mengkritik, gunakan ungkapan-ungkapan berikut
-  That wasn`t very clever
-  What were you thinking of?
-  I can`t understand why you did that
-  I know your reason, but you have made everyone annoyed
-  Your writing needs more improvement
-  I must tell you that your bad behaviour makes our parents upset
-  Sorry, I must sat your performance was not very good
-  Honestly, I am disappointed with your marks recently
-  This is good but it will be better if you retouch this part
-  You should know that your moves need a lot of practice

Contoh Soal dan Pembahasan Criticizing atau Mengkritik

1.Girl  : You told us that you would go to a stationery shop for a while, but why do you arrive late?
  Boy  : I`m sorry. I meet my old friend in the shop, than we had dinner in a fast food restaurant
  Girl  : You can call to inform us, but you didn`t. You have made us worried
  Boy  : I am really sorry

  Narrator : Why did the girl blame the boy?
A.  He always keeps his promise
B.  He didn`t go to a stationery shop
C.  He didn`t have lunch with his family
D.  He didn`t meet a friend in a stationery shop
E.  He didn`t inform his family about his late arrival
  Jawaban : E

2.Woman : Why are you so late? We`ve been waiting for you for almost one hour
  Man    : I`m really sorry. I overslept
  Woman :We`ve tried to call you,but no answer.You should call or send us a text right after you woke up
  Man    : I know. Sorry.

  Narrator: Why did the girl critize the boy?
A.  He forgot his duty
B.  He overslept
C.  He arrived late
D.  He broke his promise
E.  He left his friends
  Jawaban  : C

3.Zia   : Ira, what do you think about the movie that we watched last night?
  Ira    : I don`t really like it
  Zia   : Why?
  Ira    : The story of the movie wasn`t really good. I also think that the main actor should be replaced
  Zia   : Is something wrong with his acting?
  Ira    : Yes. His acting wasn`t good. It didn`t look natural
  Zia   : Wahh. No wonder they said you are a movie critics
  Ira    : Haha. stop it.

  Narrator : Why Ira does not like movie that she watching?
A.  The Movie is very Interesting
B.  The Movie is very worth watching
C.  The Movie isn`t too good, the acting doesn`t look natural
D.  The Movie is very boring
E.  The Movie is ver good, the acting looks natural
Jawaban : C

4.Diana  : Hi Anna, how are you?
  Anna   : Good. How about you?
  Diana  : Bad. I`m confused. I`m making a house design and I think I need a suggestion from you
  Anna    : May I see?
  Diana   : Oh, sorry. Yes please. This is the design
  Anna    : It`s a good one. You create a teo-storey home and I love the bright colors that you use. However, you should create a garden in the back so that there will be a green area for the home it self

Narrator  :  What should Diana change from the opinion Anna gave?
A.  Change the color of the house paint
B.  Replace the bathroom beside the bed
C.  Add room to br used as a play area
D.  Change the design of the house
E.  Make a back garden to add to the green area
Jawaban : E

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